What Cloud solutions do you provide or support?


As your IT department, we will support anything your organization requires or already has in place.  If you are looking for solutions, we have established relationships with many cloud solutions [...]

What Cloud solutions do you provide or support?2021-11-11T12:50:44+00:00

How much does the service cost?


Our Managed IT services model will be tailored to your specific needs. We have many flat fee services available for you to provide budget surety, we combine this with a [...]

How much does the service cost?2021-11-11T12:46:53+00:00

How does your service work?


We provide a wide range of alternative IT solutions that cover not only the technical support, but the management of your IT department. The combination of services that we are [...]

How does your service work?2021-11-11T12:27:50+00:00

What exactly are Managed IT Services?


Simply put, Managed IT Services means we become your IT Department. We manage all your IT process, support needs, hardware and software and become part of your management team. The [...]

What exactly are Managed IT Services?2021-11-10T23:58:57+00:00

What size or type of organizations do you work with?


We generally work with organizations between 20-60 staff, but our client list ranges from 5 staff to 250. What we look for is a client that wants all things in [...]

What size or type of organizations do you work with?2021-11-10T23:57:30+00:00

Where do I get started?


A simple call with Hyos will determine if we are a match. During this call we will review your needs and how we will approach them. If you like what [...]

Where do I get started?2021-11-10T23:54:37+00:00


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